Douglas County, Kansas


Douglas County, Kansas, saw a growth rate of 21 percent since 2000 and its population now stands at 121,436. For more information on Douglas County, please visit

Population by Year

Source: U.S. Census, 2018

Population by Age

Source: American Community Survey, 2018

Households by Income

Source: American Community Survey, 2018

Median Household Income

Source: American Community Survey, 2018

Educational Attainment

Compared to the Kansas City metro area, the Lawrence metro (Douglas County) has a greater number of bachelor's and graduate degrees, but fewer high school diplomas as the highest level attained.

Source: American Community Survey, 2018

Workforce Commuting Patterns

Douglas County still acts a bit like a "bedroom community" with 22,294 residents leaving the county to work and just 19,106 commuting in from the outside.

Source: Longitudinal Employer-Household Demographics, 2017

Unemployment Rate

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

Employment Centers

This map shows where large concentrations of employers reside within Douglas County.

Competitive Industries

Douglas County's top 10 competitive industries are listed by their location quotient. A location quotient shows how the county compares in a particular sector to national numbers. A quotient of one means the county has the same percentage of its workers in that industry as the nation. A number below that means the percentage is lower than the national number, and a number greater than one means the county has a higher percentage of workers employed in that sector.

Competitive Industries - 2019

NAICS Code Description Location Quotient Employment
314 Textile Product Mills  8.88 349
323 Printing and Related Support Activities 6.55 975
322 Paper Manufacturing 2.75 332
813 Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations 2.61 2,410
326 Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing 2.51 612
611 Educational Services 2.20 9,413
921 Executive, Legislative, and Other General Government Support 1.80 1,838
482 Rail Transportation 1.70 121
445 Food and Beverage Stores 1.64 1,701
453 Miscellaneous Store Retailers 1.53 467

Source: Jobs EQ 2019 Q1